Worry Free Air Travel for Kids – Part 4

Just realized I am on the last part of our series of lifehacks for a Worry-Free Air Travel for Kids.  In this final part of our series, I will try to provide a few more hacks and try my best (sorry, not perfect) to make it as practical as possible. You may also check out some of our old articles and find some other hacks that have been discussed in detail.  Now I noticed some of the items in my final list should have been part of my earlier articles, but I decided that I am including them here anyway.


  1. Create a checklist

 Packing for a family is a hard task in itself. Half of that task is packing for your child. There is a possibility you will forget something.  So what do you do about it?  This flight steward told me that she has a laminated checklist for her daily task on board the plane.  She has been doing this for 5 years now and yet she makes sure she goes through the list every day.  So yeah, make a list, I would suggest you do this maybe a month or a week before your flight.  So you can revise or update the list prior to your flight.  And of course, the purpose of the list is very obvious.  So you won’t forget. 

  1. Gate Check

Speaking of forgetting, lugging around in the airport with your suitcase and kids stuff is an arduous ordeal.  And you have a stroller and car seat to worry about on top of all these?!   And if you have a toddler like me, I am pretty sure you bring a lot of stuff most common travelers don’t bring. So why not just gate check your car seat and stroller?  It is not worth the hassle!  Try to get a car seat travel bag. Check out AMT PRO  and get this awesome car seat travel bag ONLY $29.77! TOTAL CONVENIENCE for a gate check car seat bag FOR LESS THAN $30. Trust me. It’s worth it.


  1. Toys Toys Toys

Toys can help keep your kids busy during flight.  Now don’t pull out everything in one sitting.  Especially if it’s a transatlantic flight. Do it one toy at a time.  Just pull one after the other when you notice your kids are already bored with the first one.  Or when he starts throwing the first toy away.  So what happens when you exhaust all your toys? 


  1. Bring out your tablet

Never hurts to watch Moana for the nth time in your tablet.  That is already 1.5 hours of peace.  Hopefully, she sleeps after the movie.


  1. Bring some sweets

Ok don’t get me wrong, I am not recommending this to give your kids a sugar rush or anything.  Too many sweets is a no-no to kids.  This is for your kids during take-off and landing.   Take-off and landing can cause pain to the ears because of the change in air pressure caused by take-off and landing.  Swallowing does the job. You can help your kids by giving them a few chewy candies, healthy gummy vitamins or even a lollipop.  If you can find sugar free candies that would be great!

Kids are a handful, especially during flights.  So you need to be ready.  Make sure you check that list (check It twice) so you won’t forget anything. Bon, voyage!