Tips to Minimize Jet Lag for your Kids

Tips to Minimize Jet Lag for your Kids

My current job involves flying through several time zones every week.  Managing my jet lag is practically something I already gotten used to.  But managing it with my kids, is a totally different endeavor.  The worse flight I had is from France to New Zealand. How did we survive? Here are some tips that might help you overcome your kids jetlag.

  1. Sleep

Get as much sleep as you can.  I mean, your kids (and you) have to get as much sleep as possible regardless of the time of flight.  This will help you make the necessary time adjustment once you’ve arrived in your destination.

  1. Keep Hydrated

Before, during and upon arrival.  This helps you a lot.  Don’t worry about frequent visits to the toilet.  What’s important is, you are hydrated.  

  1. Establish your routine

Upon arrival, re-establish your routine on your location’s time zone. This will help you make the transition.

  1. Step Out 

Light walks, exercise and natural light will help you re-set your body clock.

  1. Avoid Caffeine (that includes soda) after 2pm.

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