Road Trip: Summer Travel Woes | AMT PRO


lab in car

The call of the outdoors  brings  with it wanderlust to pack up the car and hit the road.  And that's just what this dog Chappy, a Labrador Retriever- and his dad Jesse, did!  As Jesse did all the packing, his trusty  three-year-old Labrador eagerly awaits  for their grand road trip to Cascade Mountain of Keene, New York.

With this kind of road trip, a space-efficient car organizer  is very much needed.  A premium auto trunk car organizer solution that is suitable for use in your SUV, car, truck, RV, Jeep, Van or Mini-Van, this collapsible cargo travel bag boasts 2 spacious interior compartments, 8 side and 2 end pockets, plus 1 convenient inner pocket that will prevent your groceries and other items from rolling all over your trunk, making it a great companion for your daily visit to the supermarket. What is more, the handy sub divider can easily be removed to double your space!

Made of durable, water and abrasion resistant, 1680D Oxford fabric and double thread stitching that will resist heavy use, this car trunk organizer will last for years to come! Lined with the same waterproof material used in umbrellas, it is easy to wipe clean with a cloth, while the special, skid-resistant bottom will keep the bag in place at all times.

Jesse took our advice to maximize every inch of space of his SUV with the use A premium auto trunk organizer car storage solution.  Food, doggie toys and Chappy’s  own blanket fill the container.  Jesse also packed a  Survival Kit, which is an all-in-one kit  that includes a flashlight, batteries, multifunction tool, candles,  waterproof matches, whistle and first aid kit,  packed up in a waterproof case.

 Chappy looks like he is going to have a very comfortable ride.  Jesse says he's ecstatic to jump inside the car for the next adventure.  And with the Premium Auto Trunk Organizer Car Storage Solution,  staying organized makes these trips much more enjoyable.  The “father and son” road trip is truly an adventure of a lifetime, for Jesse, it is such a breeze with his car organizer solution.  As for Chappy, it is another adventure of a lifetime he will never forget.