Stress Free Air Travel with Your Kids!


So how exactly can you have a stress free flight with your child?  The list can be really long but let me simplify it down to three things you can actually do to make this happen or at the very least reduce it dramatically to make air travel more comfortable for you and your child.


Buy your child their own ticket

Here Is the root cause of the problem, you want to save money.  Not a bad idea, considering your child is well under 2 years old, your kid can actually fly for free.  But if the flight is fully booked, chances are, your kid gets to sit on your lap all throughout the flight from California to Asia in economy class. There is really no guarantee that you can get a free seat in your flight, it is a gamble you might not want to take. But if your decision not to buy your child a ticket can cause a stressful situation for you and the other passengers, whose stress can be vented out towards you and your child, I think that ticket is well worth it especially if it’s a 12-hour flight across the Pacific.  Trust me, the money you plan to save is not worth the hassle you are going to experience.


Request for a Bassinet

The baby bassinet is a small aircraft wall mounted crib that is designed just for babies. Kids below the age of 2 can actually fly for free without a seat of their own. This is good news for most parents, otherwise they get to hold their kid the entire time and letting them sleep on their chests, can you imagine if you have twins?  Carrying your kid isn’t the most comfortable way to travel, especially on a 12-hour flight. With a baby bassinet, you can safely place your baby in their own bed, allowing you sleep as well and enjoy a restful flight. So before you buy a ticket for the next family vacation, ask your favorite airline for a bassinet for your flight (round-trip please).  This can actually make a difference between a restful and a stressful flight.


Pick a child-friendly airline and airport

It all boils down to solid customer service and child-friendly facilities.  You’ve had experiences with several airlines and airports, you know what I mean.  On top of that, you can always check out reviews.  Those reviews are crucial to making your decision for a stress-free trip.

 Now, what about your car seat? You’ve heard the stories, about car seats checked in along with your baggage.  If it’s not damaged, it gets misplaced by the baggage handlers and your car seat gets delayed by a  day or two.  It is not worth the hassle!  So better get a car seat travel bag. Check out AMT PRO  and get this awesome car seat travel bag ONLY $29.77! TOTAL CONVENIENCE for a gate check car seat bag FOR LESS THAN $30.