Road Trip Essentials

So you are going on a road trip?  Are you ready?  Did you check your oil, engine, tires, spare tire, coolant? After all of these items has been checked and issues (if there are any) has been addressed, what’s next?  Now there are 5 things that are considered essential when going for a long trip.  These are: 

  • License and registration
    I think this is a given.  No one should leave the house without them.
  • Your car insurance policy
    You may not want to use them, but it’s better to have one than get caught without one.
  • Your car’s manual
    Let’s face it, not everyone reads their manual.  But when something goes wrong you have something to refer to other than Google.
  • Spare tire
    It is usually your oldest tire.  So you might need to check it regularly to ensure it will work once you need it.
  • Roadside Emergency Kit

Warning triangle, whistle, Tire Pressure Gauge, Window Breaker, Battery Booster Cables, 2 Light Sticks, Reflective Vest and Emergency Rain Poncho. This is on top of the jack and tire iron. Put it inside a truck cargo organizer so it will be easy to find.

What else?

We normally keep a lot of stuff inside the trunk for “emergency purposes” just need it to be there when you really need it. But keeping your snow boots inside your trunk 10 months a year doesn’t really make sense.  So other than your emergency kit, better get all those seasonal stuff out of your trunk and into your garage.  But if you really insist on keeping all those knick-knacks, I suggest you get a truck cargo organizer to keep things organized.  Now you can keep all your auto travelling essentials neatly organized in one place and save yourself time and trouble!  Check out AMT Pro and try their Premium truck cargo organizer!