Organize your car trunk. NOW! – Part 3

When deciding what to put inside your car trunk, SAFETY is the first thing that comes to mind.  Like what we have seen (and what we usually do) we treat our car trunk as if its an extension of our house.  In worst cases, we treat it like our garage or worse our room.  Ever seen a car trunk that looks like a teenager’s room combined with a car garage?  Not a good sight. 

So, moving forward.  In our previous article, we started listing a few items that are very much a priority when we talk about your car trunk.  Let me add a few more to that growing list.

  1. Kitty litter

It's not for your cat.  It's for those times when you to gain more traction on slippery surfaces, cleaning up an oil spill, better yet, or using it as a deodorizer to get rid of that fishy smell from your gym sock that you inadvertently left in your trunk.  For all its worth, kitty litter’s are significantly better than sand your grandpappy used to use.

  1. Spare tire

This is a total no-brainer.  Never leave your house and simply drive off into the sunset without a spare tire.  It is simply irresponsible.  Nobody wants to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a flat tire.  Again think of your safety and your family.

  1. Tire Sealant

Now this one is a plus, I would say having this does not excuse you from getting a spare tire.  But a tire sealant may come in handy.  It is a very quick and efficient way of patching up that flat tire.  Not to mention cheap.  So don’t leave home without it.

  1. Air pump

Now, you should always have a spare tire and jack in your car... but an air pump may come handy if you are close to a garage or a gasoline station. 


So, finally thinking of cleaning up your car trunk?  Will add more to this list in our next article.  For now, why not consider getting an auto trunk organizer for your car?   I strongly suggest you use a premium auto trunk organizer.   A premium auto trunk organizer can be used whether for storing travel snacks, organizing tools in one place, this premium car trunk organizer offers the ultimate auto storage solution. A must-have for road trippers, daily commuters and everyone who is too lazy to organize their car. It is so durable and so easy to use.  Check out Premium Auto Trunk Organizer Car Storage Solution by AMT Pro and get your trunk organized NOW!