Organize your car trunk. NOW! – Part 2

In our previous article, we’ve talked about the importance of organizing your car trunk.  To start with, we need to know what should be inside your trunk.  Now, we’ve seen people put almost anything and everything inside their car trunk.  Almost everything but the kitchen sink. Oh wait, I did find this picture over the net:


Well, I guess you can really put a sink inside your trunk.  But kidding aside, you can't just put anything inside your car trunk.  Otherwise, it will really look like a dump which can later become a health and safety hazard for you and your family.  So I guess the right question should be, what things should be inside my car trunk?

Needless to say, focusing on safety, should definitely be the first concern. I am not talking about packing a 12 gauge in your trunk.  Although a lot of people below the Mason-Dixon line might put that on the top of their list, mine is a bit more simplified if not practical.  I am more inclined to the thought of my car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.  You can never predict when or where can this actually happen.  It can just be a sudden malfunction that can leave you stranded and worst, you can be out of cell phone range. Coming from this angle, you should be packing your trunk with stuff that can quickly get you back on the road and can even save your life (not talking about the 12 gauge).

  1. Jumper Cables – because batteries do die. I once bought an SUV back in 2010, 3 months into it, the car died on my way to Arizona.  Now that is fine if it was just a city drive.  But guess what?  I was in route 66, (parallel to I-40).  Did a 3-mile walk to get to Willies and get my batteries charged.
  2. First Aid Kit – In European countries, it is mandatory to have a first aid kit inside the car. Doesn’t mean California doesn’t have a law on keeping one inside the car, means it is a bad idea.  It might save your life or the people you are driving with.
  3. Spare tire – I mean seriously, you don’t cross the state or go on a long drive without a spare tire. But if you don’t have one, at the very least bring a tire sealant.  It's like an insurance policy, you don’t use it all the time but you don’t want to be caught dead without it.
  4. Jack and lug wrench – So you have a spare tire, that is awesome! But you forgot to bring your jack and lug wrench. Your spare tire is useless without this two.  Make sure your jack and lug wrench always stay inside the car.

Are you ok so far?  Will talk more about this soon.  For now, why not consider getting an auto trunk organizer for your car?   I strongly suggest you use a premium auto trunk organizer.   A premium auto trunk organizer can be used whether for storing travel snacks, organizing tools in one place, this premium car trunk organizer offers the ultimate auto storage solution. A must-have for road trippers, daily commuters and everyone who is too lazy to organize their car. It is so durable and so easy to use.  Check out Premium Auto Trunk Organizer Car Storage Solution by AMT Pro and get your trunk organized NOW!