Longest Road Trip Ever!

How about a classic road trip via the Pan-American Highway?  The Pan-American highway is a massive stretch of  48,000 km and will take you 281 days to complete. No kidding?! This is the world’s longest driving route, a long stretch that takes you from the near Arctic and almost to the bottom of the globe which is the Antarctic.  Well, there are some layovers, if you know what I mean.  There are  short breaks in the road at Darién Gap with the following  stopovers which you might enjoy:


  • Near the northern part of the globe in Vancouver, Canada – Definitely, a large place to explore! Whether you are into arts, science, culture or even food! As they say, the best way to enjoy your visit and get to know the people is to eat the local fare. From Stanley Park to the Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada is truly worth you’re while to visit.

  • Ok so maybe you got tired of driving. The Darien Gap in Panama Yaviza provides passage into the province, and for travelers who are looking for an adventure via the waterways and hiking trails, then Darien Gap is a place for you to explore.


  • From Panama, you go straight to the Peruvian capital of Lima, which is a real historical treat being the oldest civilization in America. The city offers a buffet of sites and sounds you will surely enjoy. From museums, archaeological sites, beaches, nature reserves, and nightlife, Lima, Peru is truly a site to see.


  • One of the final stops on this pan American adventure is Santiago, the capital of Chile. This place has the look and feel of a metropolitan city with an awesome view of the Andes. And like Lima, the fun never stops at Santiago with museums, fantastic architecture, and awesome food you will surely enjoy.

This awesome Pan-American Highway adventure is not for the busy or for those who lack the patience and dedication. This ultimate road trip is for the dedicated traveler with lots of time and resources.

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