How to Pack for a Lake Camping Trip

Every year, during May, our family look forward to our annual Lake Tahoe trip.  And even now that our kids already have families of their own, the lake trip is something everyone looks forward to.  It has now become a family reunion than just the usually lake trip. 

 It is very hard to focus on the things you need to pack when going to the lake.  Especially when your thoughts leers towards fishing and kayaking.  But then again my rule of thumb is to pack everything in the SUV.  It is more practical to bring everything, in this case about 5-8 bags, than forget something important and ruin the vacation. Although my wife keeps telling me that you can always buy what you forget along the way, if I will follow this rule, I will end up with a new fishing rod and tackle box every year. So here are some basic stuff you need to remember when packing for a family vacation:


Bring both warm and cold weather clothes.  It might be summer with shorts and flip-flops everywhere.  But at night, the lake area can be really cold and you wouldn’t want to get sick just because you forgot to bring a jacket.


 Don’t assume too much and just pack your flip-flops.  Better to bring shoes fit for your camping activities.  Bring hiking boots or sneakers if you need them.  And don’t forget the socks.  If you are going on a hike, you will definitely need them.

 First Aid

An accident is something nobody wants but you need to prepare for it when it comes.  Better bring a first aid kit that can handle injuries.  This should give you enough time until your rescue comes.


 Bring things to keep everyone entertained, such as books, musical instruments, playing cards, tablets, dvd player and other portable gadgets that can help you manage your child.


 Remember miscellaneous items, such as batteries, bug repellant, your fishing pole and any related supplies.

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