How to Help Your Baby Sleep On A Plane

Bringing your family to a much needed vacation to Bali or the Caribbean can be real fun.  Nevertheless, the trip to Bali can become a nightmare once your baby starts crying from LAX to Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport.  Long haul flights can be stressful for your baby, some passengers might understand but not everyone does.  You can ignore those annoying stares as much as you want, or just say sorry to everyone.  I even read an article saying you should say sorry in advance, as if it’s a crime to bring your baby on board.  So for the sake of everyone, why not try to meet them half way.

 Through out the course of my career as an expat, I have learned a few tricks to make our life and the lives of those around us much easier in-flight. I pray these tips can help you a bit in helping your child sleep on your next family vacation.

  1. The cardinal rule when flying with an infant is to request for a bassinet.  Check out our article on Stress Free Air Travel with Your Kids!  Most airlines have bassinets inflight you just have to request them when you book your flight. 
  2. Book a night flight for your family. The idea is to have them sleep on what seem to be their regular sleeping schedule and when they wake up, its about time to walk out the plane.  Take advantage of the time they are sleeping.  You also need to sleep remember?
  3. If your child is a bit un-settled, specially if its their first time on flight, try calm them down in your arms first before you place them in the bassinet.
  4. You can bring their favorite blankets or stuffed toys during flight, this helps them to calm down, as familiar items surround them.
  5. Keep them hydrated during flight. Make sure you’ve brought extra feeding bottles for your child so they will stay full and hydrated.

These are just simple tips but they do work like a charm. But surely it is the best possible option for you.  Just like your kid’s car seat.  You’ve heard the stories, about car seats checked in along with your  baggage.  If it’s not damaged, it gets misplaced by the baggage handlers and your car seat gets delayed by a  day or two.  It is not worth the hassle!  So better get a car seat travel bag. Check out AMT PRO  and get this awesome car seat travel bag ONLY $29.77! TOTAL CONVENIENCE for a gate check car seat bag FOR LESS THAN $30.