“Get your kicks at Route 66” a True American Road Trip

Road trip via Route 66 is a highly romanticized adventure.  Captivating people around the US, this old road runs between Chicago and Los Angeles.  This legendary old road cuts through the heart of the United States.  Here you can see some of the country’s best if not iconic roadside scenes.

Standing on Adams St. in Chicago, you can see this signpost that marks the beginning of Route 66.  But before you start on that Road Trip, Your first order of business is to get an Arizona 66 passport. Published in 2010, this handy-dandy travel guide Is a must for all road trippers taking the nostalgic path of Route 66. Here you can see all the best and funniest part of the trip so don’t drive out without it.

 Now for posterity reason, I strongly suggest you take a selfie with the shield on the route 66 asphalt.  It is an iconic landmark that you should save for posterity. Now there is much to see and check out on this proverbial route, but allow me to share some of my favorites:

  1. Cadillac Ranch

You may call it a Cadillac boneyard with Cadillac cars buried to the ground in Amarillo, Texas.  Gave me the creeps the first time I saw it, but it kinda grows on you once you focus on its artistic side.  It’s like a colorful freedom wall, where cars are used as a canvas instead of an actual wall.

  1. Shea’s Gas Station Museum

In Springfield, Illinois, there is this old gas station that was converted to a museum. Practically covered with memorabilia and antique gas pump from the heydays of Route 66.  This museum shouts American history at the top of its voice.

  1. Grant Park

Although a famous site in Route 66, I think this site became more famous because of Barack Obama’s 2008 election acceptance speech. Nevertheless, the place is a site to see not just because of a political event but its beauty on its own.

  1. Snow Cap Drive-In

 Route 66 has a lot of diners scattered all over its route, but my favorite is Snow Cap Drive-In.  Amazingly because of its “Cheeseburger with Cheese”.  Its funny name is only half of the reason why I like the place.  Trust me the food taste great despite its name.

  1. The Gemini Giant

Call me a sci-fi buff but this advertising icon is known as the “Muffler Man” is actually very amusing.  Named after the defunct Gemini Space program.  This is an amusing American take, advertising-wise, on a US space program.

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