Different Kinds of Road Trips

We’ve been writing about road trips for the longest time yet we never discussed, just alluded to, the different kinds of a road trip.  We simply assumed that everyone knows what we are talking about.  But honestly, you can come up with at least four types of road trips.

 Road trips are something you should experience not just once in your lifetime.  Honestly, you might have done it without realizing it is an actual road trip.  These trips can be as short as an hour drive into something more than a 24 to 48-hour drive.  These trips can be something you can do alone, with a friend or a special someone, your crew or with your family. But the key in doing road trips is not the location, the key is not to stress about the timeline on getting to your target location.  It is enjoying the ride. 

  1. Short Trips

You may call this, across the town trips.  It’s like gathering some old friends from high school and you drive across or around town, going to places where you did this or you did that.  Trying to figure out how this old shop looks like 10 years or 15 years ago and connecting with old shop owners, teachers or even pastors, reminiscing about how it was back in the day.  You might even enjoy a laugh or two as you connect with old townies as they remember you growing up.  Call this a baby road trip or a trial road trip but I assure you this can be really fun.

  1. Out of State

 So you’ve always been in California (like I was) and you’ve always been curious about how Vegas looks like (sure!).  Why not drive south with a bunch of your college buddies just to see how things go?  There is a lot to see going south from California to Vegas.  You can even try going to Mexico or New Orleans.  Whatever floats your boat.  Check out our article on “Spring Break Road Trip”  and enjoy the ride.

  1. Across the Country

Now, this is totally not for the weak hearted. For the more advanced and adventurous types, this can be one of the best road trips you could ever have.  I recommend a trip down memory lane.  How about taking the old route 66.  Drive across the country via this old road and explore a true American road trip.  Check out old parks, mom and pop shops and even historical landmarks that would surely hit the spot in your thirst for adventure. Check out our article “Get your kicks at Route 66” a True American Road Trip.  It’s a total bang for your adventurous buck. 

  1. Out of Country

 How about something out of the country.  Call it the ultimate road trip.  You’ve always been in the U.S.  How about going out sometime?  I don’t mean going to the airport.  I mean to get that SUV and drive through the Pan American Highway and take the longest road trip ever!  Chicken?  Check out our article on the “Longest Road Trip Ever!”  and enjoy your once in a lifetime road trip you will surely enjoy!

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