Clutters: An Accident Waiting to Happen!

For most car owners, their vehicle is an extension of their home.  When I say extension, I don’t mean because they use the car to get to work, school, road trips and when going to the groceries.  I mean REAL extension.  Take the case of my son.  His car looks a lot like his room.  Jeans and sneakers on the floor, last night’s pizza and burger box on the seat.  Books and papers cluttered all over, not to mention the familiar stench of old socks and a wet towel between the familiar smell of cheese and sweat.  You may think this is normal since my son is still in college, but this scenario is a familiar case even with adults and young professionals.  It's more like it’s the norm rather than the exception.

I don’t believe the car will explode just because it smells like old cheese and sweatpants.  The car won’t light up even if you light up a match inside your car.  But the hazards of having a loose object inside the car is a known fact.  Accidents are waiting to happen if you have your tools loosely piled up underneath the driver seat.  Imagine your screwdriver flying inside your car during a sudden stop.  Or maybe a soda can from your car seat roll under the breaks which can prevent it from engaging just when you need it.  In addition, loose objects inside your car like a baseball or your everyday paper scissor can come flying inside the car when you accelerate, do a quick turn or sudden break. 

 We recommend reducing the risk of having loose objects flying through the air by stowing items away in secure areas. For example, you can store your sunglasses and emergency flashlight in your glove compartment. Many cars also have added compartments beside the driver’s seat with storage space that can be used for additional items. All drink containers should be placed in cup holders when not in use. Items such as sports equipment, groceries, backpacks, emergency safety kits and blankets should be safely stowed in your trunk.

Stow Them

 If you are not using it now, stow it!  Items like magazines, electronic devices, books, and gadgets should be stowed in your glove compartment or pouches behind and under the seat.  There are plenty of containers for small items inside your car, you just have to use them.

 Clean as you go

 It will help a lot if everyone in the family or those people that ride the car with you to be educated on the basic housekeeping. Pick up your trash, if it’s on the floor pick it up.  If it has a container, put it where it belongs.  Don’t ignore the mess.

 Use a trunk organizer

Organize your trunk.  It is a common mistake to dump everything in the trunk without organizing it. So for simplicity, why not use a trunk organize? Initially, I checked out several models of trunk organizer and brand.  Until I checked out the Best Auto Trunk Storage Bag by AMT Pro! 

It’s been a week since I purchased the item and I have never been happier with the way my car interior looks.


My advice? Order Yours Today and De-Clutter Your Car!