Airline Baggage Horror Story

You’ve seen it on TV and in YouTube and it scares you!  As a frequent traveler, one of my greatest fears, other than a plane crash is a. losing my baggage and b. people mishandling my baggage.   In one of our trips to Madrid, we lost my son’s car seat.  Well, it’s kind of my fault for not having getting a proper travel cover for car seat and have it gate checked.  But still, you can’t possibly imagine how badly beaten my son’s car seat look.  Ok fine, I am a bit exaggerating and I kind of feel blaming myself for not buying a travel cover for car seat, but who can blame me? It’s a high-end car seat! Now it is a battered high-end car seat!

I have always wondered if someone is keeping tabs on these kinds of issues and true enough Reward Expert released a survey of American Airlines with the Most Mishandled Baggage.

According to the survey for 2017:

“If you want to fly confidently knowing your bags will arrive with you, you can trust Virgin, the top-ranked performer based on baggage problems compared to the number of passengers flying with them. 

Among the major carriers, Delta reigned supreme when it comes to getting your bags to where they need to be. 

Winter months most frequently leave passengers stressed at the carousel, with January ranking as the worst month for baggage misfortunes. Actual numbers of complaints in winter and summer are highest and about equal per season.

If letting go of your precious cargo causes high-altitude anxiety, regional carrier Envoy Air is not your best choice. They ranked dead last, with baggage complaints being nine times more likely for passengers flying Envoy Air than Virgin.

 When autumn leaves start to fall, so do reports about baggage problems. September is ranked as the least likely month for lost or damaged bags, and it had the fewest actual baggage reports. In fact, the entire fall season experienced the lowest percentage of claims.”


With all these, I finally decided to check out this article which convinced me to buy a proper travel cover for car seat.  Will be traveling to Bali after Christmas and I am now very confident my child’s car seat is safe.