A Trip to South East Asia – 3rd of 3 Parts

As we have discussed, every country in South East Asia has something to offer.  It is not just the beaches or the street food.  It’s the totality of each and every country that makes each country unique.  Some things might look similar or familiar, like the love of the region for spices, noodles, satay, Chinese influence in food, the smile in every place and hospitality. But as you stay longer and get to know the places and the people, you will notice how these places can be unique in their own special way.

So where do you begin? I tend to recommend 2 entry points, either Singapore or the Philippines.  Mainly because there is almost no language barrier, almost everyone speaks English which makes both countries well accustomed to English speaking people.  From here you can crawl (meaning, take it slow. You are in South East Asia, enjoy!) your way to any parts of the region.  But before you book any flights you might need to check the following first:

Visa Status

Your visa status varies from country to country and of course, depends on what country you are from. In some cases, you might not even need a visa to enter a particular country. For some, they offer a visa upon arrival.  The key here is research, research, research.  Check as well as to the length of time a specific country gives to its visitors, it varies of course from one country to another.  Write it down so you won’t forget.

Take note of the Weather

 Summer in South East Asia is awesome!  Especially if you are going to Bali, Phuket, Bohol or Boracay.  But if you are visiting other places you might want to be ready.  South East Asian summer is also humid….very humid.  So be ready for that.  As for the rainy seasons, you better check for typhoons and local thunderstorms.


It is a foreign country, you will need vaccinations.  Especially the kids.  And in some cases, you need to get multiple shots to complete it so plan ahead.  As your doctor about the type of vaccination, you will need when traveling.  

Jet Lag

You will be crossing multiple time zones before you reach South East Asia.  Flying eastward equals one major jetlag.  You might want to check our article on “Tips to Minimize Jet Lag for your Kids” it can be very helpful for you.

To Gate Check or Not to Gate Check

Strollers and car seats.  To gate check or to bring it aboard. What to do?  I always make sure that  my kid’s stroller and car seat are gate checked. You’ve heard the stories, about strollers and  car seats checked in along with your baggage.  If it’s not damaged, it gets misplaced by the baggage handlers and your car seat gets delayed by a  day or two.  It is not worth the hassle!  So better get a car seat travel bag. Check out AMT PRO  and get this awesome car seat travel bag ONLY $29.77! TOTAL CONVENIENCE for a gate check car seat bag FOR LESS THAN $30.