A Road Trip to the American West Coast

From someone who practically grew up on the east coast – the tri-state area to be specific.  Going to the west coast is like exploring a whole new world.  From a concrete jungle to a scenic more blue and green view, it is literally a breath of fresh air. 

When we talk about the West Coast, we are talking about the Pacific Coastline.  As a region, we are referring to California, Oregon, and Washington.  A lot of people love this road trip simply because the coastal highway that links these 3 great states is so scenic and breathtaking.

 Taking the trip from Cali to Washington is simply awesome.  With so much scenery to take in.  From the blue Pacific beaches to cliffs, to forest greens and back, it’s a never-ending adventure trip you simply can’t get enough of.

But other than the scenery, the first reason why I love road trips is the FOOD! Yes, I am a foodie and proud of it.  And I am not just talking about BBQ on the beach or food trucks.  We are talking about restaurants, bars, wine, drinks, the full course.  From wine (and cheese) tasting in California vineyards, to food trucks along the beaches, to beach BBQ and restaurants in Oregon and Washington, you can’t simply get enough of the variety of taste, flavor, and culture from one state to the other.  You want to get to know the people and culture of a place…..eat the local fare.

 As I travel on a shoestring budget, I have learned to appreciate the great outdoors more. And I am talking about some old fashioned, down to earth camping.  I have been camping with my family since I’ve learned how to pitch a tent (albeit not properly).  And camping during a road trip (for me) beats staying in a motel or a hotel any time of the day.  Especially at night in front of a campfire with your family and friends.  Call me old-fashioned, but this beats pounding on your keyboard, looking at Facebook inside a hotel.

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